ALERT: April 19 Show

Arrested for wearing an empty holster?  Is this George Orwell’s 1984? Illegally searched by the police and told you are the one who is a "Smart Ass."  After you explain that the empty holster is a silent nationwide protest of Students for Concealed Carry  they tell you: “Some people don’t like this kind of thing.”

After detaining and berating you for 30 minutes, you are ticketed and told: “Your attitude has been noted.” This actually happened to two University of South Alabama Students (one an Army Reserve member) on April 13. The University’s response: suspend one officer for 5 days without pay.

We will discuss this gross violation of the Alabama and United States Constitutions with a guest from the Students for Concealed Carry and others. We will take your calls and texts on any firearms related subject at: 251-343-0106.

Live in the Mobile Area on FM Talk 106.5 at 7:00 pm CT Tuesday.

Outside of the Mobile listening area, listen live at either: or